Project 100

The industry's leading prospect-identification tool


PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
Quantity 5+ 50+ 500+
Price $15.00 $12.50 $7.50

Guarantee new producers an immediate market with the market-identification guide that has been a best-seller for years. 

Project 100 provides spaces for the names of 100 prospects with specific information about each that can

  • Help the manager make selection decisions
  • Give the manager insight into the prospective producer's social mobility
  • Help the manager determine the prospective producer's natural markets
  • Give the prospective producer a realistic preview of markets to prospect if and when he or she becomes an agent

Project 100 enables you to analyze a prospect's approximate income, age range, occupation, number of dependents, degree of acquaintance with the recruit, approachability, and insurance needs.

Project 100 is aimed at determining quality rather than quantity. Simple design -- powerful results.